Jason de Claires Taylor is an English sculptor specializing in making sculptures under the water which over time develop into artificial coral reefs. His exhibition are special and unique!!! One of his new and recent projects is to create the world largest underwater sculpture museum . He was an exhibition in England, Canterbury, Kent. The exhibition is situated in Canterbury City Council. Alluvia is one of those sculptures consisting of two female figures, the sculpture lies along the river flow. At night his works are internally illuminated. Jason de Claires Taylor uses Cement, Glass resin, recycled glass.

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Our new spotlight is about incredibly talented and creative independent artist So Young Lim  (IB Y2). During her IB classes she has done a lot of amazing artworks using a huge variety of media. So Young is super interesting and inspiring student for all of us. As she says, her inspiration come from the guy called Mr. Unconsciousness and especially her dreams. She tries to transform all her dreams on the paper. That is why all her work are so mysterious and magical. And now all of her incredible work for two academic years was awarded! She was accepted to RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) few weeks ago!!! CONGRATULATION!!!

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Congratulations to So Young and Polina on their acceptances to RISD this week, which just happened to coincide with their senior exhibition!



We’re getting into the final stretch for our seniors in the last few days before their IB Final Exhibition. The studios have been buzzing these past few weeks with some incredible work being produced. We’re very excited seeing the show come together and we’re very much looking forward to opening night this Wednesday. The exhibition opening will be held in Magna Carta Hall from 6:30-8pm on Wednesday 23 March. Please join us in celebrating the hard work of our very talented seniors.



IB2014 invite card


We now have an instagram account set up to showcase recent photography from TASIS visual arts students! Find us at http://instagram.com/tasisarts. To submit your own photos, just add the hashtag #tasisarts to any images you would like to submit. We are also looking for an instagram team to help curate images that appear on the main feed. See me for details!

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We recently had an opening for our annual all school exhibition. Thanks to everyone who came out to the opening. We hope you enjoyed the extraordinary student work on display from all divisional levels. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit, the show runs through the end of March. Stop by the Fleming Gallery soon!

student exhibition 1

student exhibition opening1

student exhibition 2

student exhibition 3

exhibition poster


This spotlight is about Karen Laanem, a senior in IB Year 2.

Karen has done outstanding work during these two academic years, her works include a huge variety of different media: drawings, paintings, photography and printmaking. Most of her works are related to her country and her family. She has done a lot of portraits of her relatives. She was inspired by traveling back to Estonia and finding old pictures of her family. She says those photographs made an influence on her and she started to think about her own identity. Her IB project focuses on the concept of identity and how she can find herself throughout her family and their history.

She wants to relate her future career partly to art and she would love to connect her future education with business and art. Great work, Karen! We’re looking forward to seeing your upcoming exhibit in the IB Final Exhibition.

karen printing

Karen printing a linocut with the press.


photo (22)

 A portrait series inspired by old family photographs discovered by the artist on a recent trip to Estonia.


A series of digital photographs taken in Estonia on family property.


Копия photo (23)


Hey guys! I’ve seen that the brochures for this year’s Les Tapies program are starting to be shown to students, and thought that this would be a good time to share with everyone my experience last summer and how influential it was for not just me, but for my artwork. Whether you’re interested in Drawing & Painting, Photography, or Architecture, the program has classes for everyone’s interests. A professional photographer was the teacher last year, which is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all you photo students.

The view from the main outdoor patio.

The view from the main outdoor patio.


art students on their way to paint in the south of france, TASIS summer program

On our way to paint en plein air!


architecture students putting in a stone terrace

The design and build group putting in a new stone patio.


figure drawing   a student working on a woodcut print

Life figure drawing, featuring Mr. Smalley and a student working on a woodcut print.


One of the Wednesday excursions, to the Pont Du Gard. The Pont Du Gard is an ancient Roman aqueduct from the 1st Century AD. It is a raised channel used to carry water from mountains into cities. In this case, it carried water to Nimes.


student collaborative figure drawings

Figure studies during Drawing & Painting. In the background, hung up on the wall, are drawings done in an exercise of switching seats with one another every five minutes and working on each other’s drawing of the same figure at different angles.

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Every Wednesday after school at around 7:00 in the Art Department Mr Seaberg and Mr Smalley created a possibility for teachers to learn for to draw and paint different objects (from apples to faces and human body’s shapes) in a variety of styles. The course has been running every week from November.

So, everyone is welcome to come to Art Department on Wednesday to improve their artistic skills.






Our new spotlight is about a creative and independent artist – Polina Zakharova (IB Y2 student). She has done a huge amount of artwork during this academic year, most of which is related to lobsters and splash studies, as well as a lot of figure drawings. She says that she takes her inspiration from any strong feeling, especially feelings from strong affection or hatred. As an emotional and sensitive person, her works are her way of expressing her feelings and her way of dealing with her feelings. She usually becomes inspired when experiencing powerful emotions.

“It wasn’t me, who chose lobsters, it was lobsters, who choose me.” This idea came spontaneously, as have most of her artworks. The definition she found, stated: Lobsters symbolize independence, solitude and regeneration. They live in seclusion, hiding themselves on the sea floor among the rocks and seaweed. ”After I’ve created some of the artworks with lobsters, I looked up the definition of this word and realized that there are a lot of similarities in the symbolic definition of lobsters with my own self.”

Her future plans are to apply to a couple of universities in America. However her biggest wish is to run her own gallery or even work as an art director in one of the leading art museums in the world. “Art in my greatest and favorite passion.”

In my opinion, she is very special person, who has a great ability to see something new and interesting in normal and ordinary things, and create great works of art from it.

photo (21)IMG_5106 IMG_5112 IMG_5114 photo (22)Копия photo (21)photo (23)