Congratulations to our graduating seniors in IB Visual Arts on completion of their final exhibition. These students put in a tremendous amount of work throughout the last two years building up to this exhibition. A vast amount of artwork was on view, which included: work made from direct observation, figurative painting, geometric abstraction, digital and film photography, experimental video, three-dimensional installation and sculptural works. Please have a look through the gallery for a selection of photos from the opening and student works.



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Thanks to those who attended the exhibition opening and for all of your support!

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Georgina Stabler, TASIS England Class of 2012, graduated this past spring from Oxford Brookes University with a BA (Hons) degree in Interior Architecture. As this year’s Alumni Visiting Artist, she’ll be on campus in October, working with TASIS England Visual Art and Humanities classes. Her Fleming Gallery Exhibition features a series of innovative and compelling projects from her course work at Oxford Brookes. The show will focus on the importance of problem-solving in the design process, allowing viewers to follow the evolution and development of the designer’s ideas.

We had a wonderful turnout for our all-school TASIS Student Exhibition last week. Thanks for supporting our very proud artists!





Marlene Dumas - The Painter

The Painter

Marlene Dumas is a South African artist born 3 August 1953 in Cape Town. Most of her works are paintings of figures or heads. What’s intriguing about Dumas’s style is the eerie translucence and pale colour palette that suggest a ghostly aspect in her works. When I went to her exhibit at the Tate Modern, The Image as a Burden, a couple of paintings struck me as incredibly powerful in the ways that they mutilated innocence and morphed it into a horrific form of beauty.

The Painter (1994) was the piece that perturbed me the most. The translucent lack of flesh tone in the child’s face emphasises the demonic sense of murder in the facial expression. The tones of blue across the torso and around the face perfectly contrast the bright stains of red soaking the child’s hands to accentuate the horrific irony of a murderous child. Dumas has successfully created a piece of art that evokes a strong emotional reaction from the viewer, but it is debatable if the work is aesthetically pleasing.  Is the Painter too morbid to be art, or does it’s minimalistic affect make it even more of a successful piece?

Het kwaad is Banaal - Marlene Dumas

Het kwaad is Banaal

Het kwaad is Banaal (1984) is a piece that does not evoke the same initial horror of The Painter, but utilises a layered affect to suggest a skeletal or x-ray aspect to the figure. At first glance, this piece appears messy and the smudges of green, grey and black look like accidental smears of dirt rather than creative additions. As the viewer’s eyes adjust to the sharp contrast of fiery hair and pale skin, the dark smudges become more apparent as a layer underneath the skin. It seems as though the skin on the cheek and hand of the woman had been peeled back to reveal an unstable darkness inside her. Once this is realised, the pink around the woman’s eye, cheek and hand as well as the bright yellow in her lips and hair become accentuated to create a psychotic twist in the viewer’s interpretation of Het queen is Banaal.




Marlene Dumas Rejects Series

Rejects Series

So the question is, does the eerie edge to Dumas’s work emphasise her talent as an artist because it proves her ability to stimulate emotions in her viewers, or is her simplistic style and disportionality in figures unappealing to view?

PinchukArtCenter is an international art center for modern art of 21st century, which is located in Kiev, Ukraine. What’s interesting about this art center is that it brings national identity and international challenge. And that is what the current exhibition in this art center is about. It’s called “Future Generation Art Prize shortlisted artists 2014” where the exhibition is focused on new artworks produced by the nominees. There are 21 artists represented on this exhibition and every one of them has something unique in their artworks, as they all came from different countries and therefore brought that uniqueness with them from their places of birth. Some of their art pieces are shown below.

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TASIS Art Faculty Exhibition

We’re excited to announce the opening this week of our TASIS Art Faculty and Family Exhibition, which is currently on display in The Fleming Gallery. This exhibition presents the studio work of faculty in the Art Department of TASIS England, as well as the work of several individuals who have had a strong connection to the department in recent years. As teaching artists, this exhibition is a fantastic opportunity for us to share the importance 0f our own studio practice with our students. Thanks to those who attended the reception on Monday evening. The exhibition runs through January 2015.


TASIS Art Faculty Exhibition - sculpture

TASIS Art Faculty Exhibition - brochure and opening


The work of John Smalley - 2014 TASIS Art Faculty Exhibition

John Smalley - TASIS Art Faculty Exhibition

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hayley legos

Nathan Sawaya has manipulated  rudimentary Lego blocks into an expressive medium for unique artwork: Legos. From recreating famous 2-D and 3-D masterpieces to building original ideas, Sawaya has brought “playing with Legos” to a whole other level. The amount of color and emotion in each work is astounding when you compare it to the stereotypical  Lego creation comprised of basic  stocky shapes clumped together .

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Jason de Claires Taylor is an English sculptor specializing in making sculptures under the water which over time develop into artificial coral reefs. His exhibition are special and unique!!! One of his new and recent projects is to create the world largest underwater sculpture museum . He was an exhibition in England, Canterbury, Kent. The exhibition is situated in Canterbury City Council. Alluvia is one of those sculptures consisting of two female figures, the sculpture lies along the river flow. At night his works are internally illuminated. Jason de Claires Taylor uses Cement, Glass resin, recycled glass.

1-sculpture-modern-art-jason-decaires-taylor-sculpture_0 2-sculpture-modern-art-jason-decaires-taylor-sculpture

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We’re getting into the final stretch for our seniors in the last few days before their IB Final Exhibition. The studios have been buzzing these past few weeks with some incredible work being produced. We’re very excited seeing the show come together and we’re very much looking forward to opening night this Wednesday. The exhibition opening will be held in Magna Carta Hall from 6:30-8pm on Wednesday 23 March. Please join us in celebrating the hard work of our very talented seniors.



IB2014 invite card

We recently had an opening for our annual all school exhibition. Thanks to everyone who came out to the opening. We hope you enjoyed the extraordinary student work on display from all divisional levels. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit, the show runs through the end of March. Stop by the Fleming Gallery soon!

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