Hi there! I am the newborn blogger in here and my name is Nikita.

I am from Russia. This is my second year in TASIS England. I am Junior and I want to graduate this school!

Art is a big part of me and I am interested in each aspects of Art indeed. Photography, drawings, paintings, sculptures, all kinds of media can bring my attention and explain me its existence.

Since I was in 7th grade I started drawing and it brought me into a huge world of Art. From that time I am trying to learn more and more about Art and, in fact, I want to know how to work with all kinds of media, I want to be versatile in Art. Now I am in IB Visual Art Y1 and this is my favorite class! The opportunity to make Art gives me a chance to express myself and show my feelings. Art helps me to speak to the people in different ways and I guess it is the main point of Art – expression of the people’s feelings and thoughts.

Be yourself and make Art!


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TASIS Art Faculty Exhibition

We’re excited to announce the opening this week of our TASIS Art Faculty and Family Exhibition, which is currently on display in The Fleming Gallery. This exhibition presents the studio work of faculty in the Art Department of TASIS England, as well as the work of several individuals who have had a strong connection to the department in recent years. As teaching artists, this exhibition is a fantastic opportunity for us to share the importance 0f our own studio practice with our students. Thanks to those who attended the reception on Monday evening. The exhibition runs through January 2015.


TASIS Art Faculty Exhibition - sculpture

TASIS Art Faculty Exhibition - brochure and opening


The work of John Smalley - 2014 TASIS Art Faculty Exhibition

John Smalley - TASIS Art Faculty Exhibition

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hayley legos

Nathan Sawaya has manipulated  rudimentary Lego blocks into an expressive medium for unique artwork: Legos. From recreating famous 2-D and 3-D masterpieces to building original ideas, Sawaya has brought “playing with Legos” to a whole other level. The amount of color and emotion in each work is astounding when you compare it to the stereotypical  Lego creation comprised of basic  stocky shapes clumped together .

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The International Food Festival at TASIS is an annual event that celebrates the foods of various cultures.  This is the place where you will find the best of each family’s home recipes and cultural specialties.  The finger sandwiches all the way to the rich curries permeate the air as people amble along from stand to stand, eating their way through the day.  Children take part in activities while adults enjoy the food and appreciate the company of other TASIS families.  This festival is a celebration of cultural differences as well as unity in diversity.  The coming together of people from all backgrounds makes for a great afternoon and an enlightening experience!


International Day

international festival

International Day 2

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The Exhibition Tattoo Art Today  was held at Somerset House from 3 July – 5 October of this year. It displayed a substantial body of artwork from highly praised tattoo artists around the globe. The participants, or the artists, were to create a piece of artwork ,in any medium other that ink on skin,  concentrated  on the theme of time. In my heart’s pursuit of becoming an aficionado of modern artistry, I was curious to see the pieces that these artists produced.

From my growing anticipation prior to entering the exhibition, many questions popped into my head . The edgy character that is assumed of tattoo artists is an intriguing subject. Also, the idea of expression and individuality came to play when thinking of  the exhibit. Tattoo artists are in many ways limited to artistic expression depending on the willingness or ideas of the customer and what they want. And some  have more artistic qualities than others. Some were more focused on design, some others focused more weight on emotion.

I did not have any specific expectations. What i noticed was as follows. The artwork was very different. I was also immediately aware that some artists took more advantage of displaying there work than others, and some were more invested. Many works were correlated with asian influence of design and myth. Others had  latin or american latin influences. And some were  neither.

I was most drawn, as usually is the case, to pieces that were more wispy, that contained more layers. I pieces that spoke to me or that I enjoyed played more with aspects of pshycadelia , or ones that seemed more personal , ones that had weight.

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Prague is a city brimming with quaint culture and fascinating history. Though the Czech Republic’s history has been dark, the architecture, art and tourist life displays the city’s determination to overcome the past and start afresh. While traveling, I attempted to capture a variety of snaps that I would later sort through to choose one topic to blog about. It’s stressful to review the shots and choose one theme that best portrays the darling culture of Prague.  I’ve chosen to conjure a medley of pictures that I hope best captures the enchanting city, talented street artists, intricate architecture and array of quick shots that tell more about Prague than words can describe.

hayley prague

This is a view over looking the city. The dark building in the upper center is connected to St. Charles Bridge, one of the city’s most important tourist attractions. Named for the infamous King Charles IV, this bridge was teeming with street artists, musicians and tourists strolling and enjoying the views of the city in autumn.

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Hi, I’m Pilar and am a junior at TASIS. From My Childhood I was been interested in the visual arts. My traveling experiences have allowed me to to develop a growing curiosity of and admiration for different societies and cultures. I am interested in more modern art work  placed relative to the  the spectrum of time. I am also drawn to alternative styles. What is of most interest to me however, is the human, more specifically, human thought and its abstractions and the portrayal of this through artwork. I hope the art blog will experience a great year with post of current artistic pursuits as well as posts on great influences from the past.



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Vivian Maier was the first photographer that I did research on last year and since looking at her work, I have learned what photography can really mean. After looking at her work, I really understood that photography can be what ever you want it to be. Vivian Maier inspired me to photograph what I wanted to photograph and I found myself really starting to look for certain photos when I would go out to shoot. Vivian Maier’s work also exposed me to the many ways that you can photography people. After doing this research, I found myself searching for interesting people on the street and trying to capture these abstract moments.

Here Maier has captured a moment in which the viewer is not completely sure of what is happening. We do not know why the police officer is holding this woman. We can only guess as to what is happening based on the woman’s expression. She appears to be a very strong woman emotionally and she appears to be standing up for what ever she believes in and not letting this police officer tell her what to do.

The composition of this photo is extremely well composed. Looking at the shadow created along the left hand side of the image, you can see the outline a figure and there is a nice shadow in the bottom right hand corner. All of these elements surround the main subject of the image, this wealthy looking woman. Maier has captured this very abstract moment in which she has this wealthy looking person almost shining in the sunlight, while everyone else around her is covered by shadows or are out of focus. This is the type of photography that inspired me to look at some of the themes that I enjoy exploring now, which include looking at a wide range of contrast in your image.


I took this photo over the summer while in Pisa, Italy. This is just one of many examples of photos that I have of people. Vivian Maier has inspired me to photography what I like and one of those themes is people. Looking at Maier’s work really opened my eyes to what you can do with photography. To me, this image means more than just a random person on the street. I love the woman’s expression because it matches the tiger on her shirt. Both of them are just staring at me, wondering why I am taking this photo of them, and that is what street photography is all about to me. The ability to capture moments in which people are saying something through their expression and that is what I learned from Vivian Maier.

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Hey Guys,

My name is Sarah and I’m a new senior at TASIS this year.  I’ve never blogged before so this is a first!

I’ve grown up all over but I’m from the beautiful Rockies of Colorado and am glad to be in England.

Since the 8th grade, my main focus in the arts has been photography.  Throughout my high school career, I have taken many photography courses including a two year AP photography course that I will complete this May.  I don’t really feel as though there’s a certain subject that I photograph the most, I take photos of anything and everything!

I’m excited to be part of the TASIS art blog and look forward to a great year!

DSC_0262 copy

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St.Petersburg is one of the best places to live, in my opinion, just because of it’s unique beauty. My hometown is most known because of it’s architecture, which is believed to be very special and even magic. This Russian town is full of various cathedrals, palaces and just ordinary houses, which look like a piece of art. All of the buildings, monuments and bridges carry a significant historical importance as well. For example “The Winter Palace” was one of the most famous King and Queen residence during the winter time, where all the upper classes of Russia were gathered. The building has hundreds of rooms with unique interiors which are still preserved nowadays for the visitors. The second name of “The Winter Palace” is “Hermitage”, which was given to the palace when it became a museum. This museum still works nowadays and is always welcome for any visitors to come and see not only the royal interiors, but lots of sculptures and paintings done by famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Rembrandt, Rubens, Monet, Manet, Matisse, Picasso, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Kandinsky, and many many others.

1368459643_1660587540 20121212134404


Personally, I think, that the most beautiful building in St.P is “The Church of the Savior on Blood”. This Church doesn’t look like any others in the whole world, it has its own style and own “character”. This church is dedicated to the memory of assassinated Tsar Aleksandr II, who died exactly at the place where the church was built. That’s why it has its name, however most of the English-speakers tend to call it “Spilled Blood”, which actually carries exactly the same meaning. 


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