Saatchi Gallery, London

The Saatchi gallery in London is a guardian of a contemporary art founded in 1985 by Charles Saatchi. It amazes people all around the world. Located in the center of the London it is known for its amazing art since its opening. One of the examples of this is the recent exhibition in Saatchi – EAST MEETS WEST, which is described as an exhibition beyond taste. This exhibition is a rare chance to compare the work of Chinese and Russian artists with their Western peers.  Rather than showing us US and European modern art, the Saatchi Gallery suggests to look at the latest works of the Eastern cultures, which are all connected with the one theme – Post Pop. WHAAM! The exhibition is full of trash, kitsch, commercialism and cynicism – and that’s just the good stuff – says the Guardian. Most of the artworks are defined as Pop Art, and they show obsession, glamour, commercially smooth paintings and soft sculptures. The most important focus in this exhibition is not the art itself, but the intention of the artists, which is originally the main purpose of Pop Art itself. All the artworks represent six different themes: Habitat; Advertising and Consumerism; Celebrity and Mass Media; Art History; Religion and Ideology; Sex and The Body.

This exhibition wants to show us the aims of Pop Art and how it affect the audience, as well as it tries to make the audience more aware of the influence of art.

-Kristina N.

The exhibition EAST MEETS WEST was the thing that grabbed me and hold until I walked out of the gallery. The feelings of the connection with my culture helped my mind to fly away in the space of EASTERN art. To me, the atmosphere in Saatchi Gallery was like the atmosphere that I would feel when I am at home. I knew that I had time, I was not in a rush and I saw all the bits and pieces of each work. I guess, that is the right feeling for being in remarkably huge and interesting contemporary art gallery. All floors and rooms were individual and unique. Even though I was in the floor of, for example, art history, in each piece I saw a unique massage and though, or just simple existence with name art. Although I wanted to see the works of Russian artists, I was impressed by some Chinese works as well.



For example, one of the works that I liked the most was the work of Russian artist Alexander Kosolapov – Hero, Leader, God. He creates culturally poignant artworks that touch on themes of religion,
global politics as well as brand and consumer culture. His Russian roots are clearly evident in his work that is at
times controversial but always provoking.

Using these three well-known characters he critiques the Russian culture and society, but that is not just critique.By posing Micky Mouse in between of Lenin and Jesus,the artist wants to say that, somehow, American culture affects Russians. Therefore, by using these three important figures, the artist is making a comment about Russian culture. Lenin made Russians come up together, Jesus made Russians believe and Micky made Russians have some fun. To me as a religious person, this piece was ironic. I thought that the Title of the piece expressed the order of names for the characters, but you actually cannot imagine the Micky Mouse as a leader…but who knows.



-Nikita V.

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