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The TASIS England Visual Art Department hosts several visiting artists each academic year with our Visiting Artist Program. Artists typically spend one or more weeks working with TASIS students in their visual arts courses. Visiting artists provide gallery talks, studio demonstrations, and individual critiques. The experience revolves around an exhibition in the Fleming Art Gallery.

 Visiting Artist Profiles | 2012 – 2013


Annabelle Elford

Annabelle spent part of her career teaching visual arts at Eton College. Her former students include a 13 year old David Cameron. Annabelle’s current work features drawings and paintings that seek to understand and process the experiences of her son, who is currently stationed in Afganistan. She works mostly from images and videos taken from the front lines. Her work is a therapeutic process, trying to develop an understanding of her son’s experiences both as an artist and a mother.

Carolyn Genders

Carolyn draws inspiration from the natural world. Her ceramic forms are created in response to the rhythms, patterns and surfaces that she sees throughout the landscape. Carolyn’s work is featured in many prominent collections and she is also the author of several successful books: Sources of Inspiration and Pattern, Colour & Form: New Approaches to Creativity, both published by A&C Black. She has lectured at Christchurch University, Canterbury, the Victoria & Albert Museum and the International Festival of Ceramics in Dorset. She is currently a short-course tutor at West Dean College.

Visiting Artist Profiles | 2011 – 2012


Alan Mitchell and  Matthew Weemaels

A variety of themes run through the work of both of these artists, most notably are reflection, time and memory. Matthew is a Belgian-based painter whose work is being carried by several galleries in Brussels and Denmark. Alan is also visiting us from Belgium where he teaches at St. John’s International School.

Joanna Veevers

Joanna is an artist and educator with a background in textiles and ceramics. She utilizes a very unique process of drawing for her ceramics pieces, using layers of slip prior to casting and firing. This gives her work extraordinary detail that could be associated more with some printmaking processes than with ceramics. Also on exhibit was a range of other works including intricately detailed sketchbooks, collections of natural and found objects, as well as several textile pieces and a few collograph prints.

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